this is the portfolio of Elisabeth Eichhorn. I'm an interaction and interface designer from Berlin,
Germany. I'm working in the automotive industry since some years, for my professional
experience visit my Xing or Linked-In profile or contact me.

The sections below show my core competencies with corresponding examples.Due to
confidentiality I cannot show more recent work, so it is mostly from university.

I general like to work in research environments and in multidisciplinary teams.
The last conferences I attended were: MobX, UxLx, OFFF, DIS'12, Automotive UI'11,
(GSC), ACII'09 (demoed), TEI'09, SIDER'09 and MobileHCI'08 (short paper).

Interface and Interaction Design

Developing interfaces to manage data and communication is the most exciting field for a designer to work in today (at least in my humble opinion ;). Holding a M.A. in Interface Design I'm able to develop new ideas from concept level to physical or software prototypes.

Information Architecture and Visualization

Complex relationships tend to be depicted in
even more complex graphics. I can help you
to visualize your data in graphics that help to understand the facts.


Starting with an own website over ten years ago I developed my skills in designing and programming websites during my studies and work experience in web agencies. I offer concept, design and programming (in HTML and Flash).

Central overview of all devices: The website is an
information visualisation in itself.

Detailed description of a selected device.

To start a search, just start typing the term you look for
(wasn't common in every webbrowser at that time).

Keyboard & Co is an experimental website that displays alternative input devices in a navigateable infographic. It is the applied part of my diploma thesis. The earlier theoretical part is called "Development of alternative interactions on websites, based on mouse and keyboard".

All devices are to be seen at a general overview page of the website. They are represented by symbols whose position, colour and length indicate certain characteristics of the devices. This turns the overview into an information visualisation/chart itself.
To address even more to the sense of orientation, navigation is done with the keyboard.
Imagine the alphanumeric part of a keyboard as "direction matrix". Point of origin is key "H". So if you press "J" for example, the focus will jump one step left. "W" will move the focus some steps left and above. The keys are not linked with certain device symbols but with directions to move the focus.
If a device symbol is selected you can activate a description by pressing the space bar.

» open microsite (German)

Concept, design and programming

diploma thesis
Prof. Thomas Born and Anne Heine
winter term 2006/07